A chat with our newest Head Coach, Claire Conway


Many congratulations on being appointed the clubs newest (and the clubs 1st female of a boys team) head coach, how are you feeling?

Thank you!  I am feeling proud to become the first female head coach and looking forward to bringing some positivity and different views to football.


 Being the 1st, do you think this adds any pressure to you?

I think it adds a massive amount of pressure as it has been predominantly a males role so I feel determined to make a success out of it and show us females can do just as good a job.

How has the support from other coaches been?

Everyone has been very encouraging and supportive.


How do you feel covid19 has affected appetite for local football, was there a worry that kids didn't want to come back or have you found that they have been raring to go?

At first we were worried the kids would lose their buzz for football but I think they have missed it a lot and we actually got a lot of new kids starting when we returned which was so encouraging.

You have been involved with the club for a while now including the early touches, now that this group is stepping up to be their own team as such, will there be much difference in the coaching they will receive?

My main goal is to make sure the kids are coming to training to have fun as they are still very young and that’s the best way to keep them engaged. Early Touches was a lot about getting them used to having a ball at their feet, now we have to teach them what to do with the ball and teach them about how to work as a team as well.

How do you manage to keep training fun whilst still having to improve their skills?

Lots of fun football games as long as the ball is at their feet they will constantly be improving their skills and control.

Obligatory question time....how did you get involved with the club in the 1st place?

My son started in 2012s a few years back so I took over the administration side of things for them and then starting helping out at a few training sessions and before I knew it I had worked my way up through my coaching badges and here I am.

Are you a big football/sports fan? Is there any other sports you like?

I am not a massive sports fan, I like to watch the football but only when its teams I like that are playing. I also love to watch the boxing.

The 2014s are our newest team and are just starting in their journey but how many kids/coaches do you have at the moment?

At the moment with the team being so new it doesn’t have a lot of coaches so I am really trying to get some help onboard as we currently have nearly 30 kids and this is growing by the day.

If there was someone out there thinking about getting involved, what would you say to them?

I would encourage anybody to do it, especially females I feel like the mums hold back because they cant play football or have no knowledge of the sport but that was me a couple of years ago and now I love it and I have such a massive football family who have supported me throughout my journey.

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